Have you ever tried dyeing hair weave with a box dye? Today, to color hair weave safely and efficiently, you should follow the step-by-step guide outlined below:

Step 1: Detangle Kissy Hair Weave by combing through them with a wide-tooth comb. Make sure to wash out the Kissy hair weave before applying the color.

Step 2: Mix the hair color. Wear gloves to protect your hands, then follow the usage instructions to mix the color and developer together into the application bottle. Shake it well until everything is thoroughly mixed.

Step 3: When the hair color mixture is ready, apply it to the Kissy Hair weave. During this process, comb through the weave to ensure the hair color coats every strand.

Step 4: Cover the Kissy hair weave with aluminum foil once you finish applying the dye. Wait for the color to set into the hair for the specified time mentioned on the color box. Be careful not to leave the hair dye on for too long, as it may result in hair being dyed too dark.

Step 5: Once the hair has reached the desired color, rinse it with warm water to remove the dye. After this step, shampoo the weave and apply conditioner. Rinse thoroughly again with cold water to wash out the conditioner; this can seal the hair color and help the hair look shiny.

Step 6: Lay the Kissy Hair weave on a towel to air dry. Once it's dry, you can use it to create your perfect hairstyle! Dyeing Kissy Weave is not much different than dyeing real hair. With the correct steps, you can also achieve a gorgeous hair color for yourself.