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15 Sep Moisturizing Tips for Curly Dry Hair
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Did you have such experience that you struggle with your curly dry hair every single day? If so, you must realize how important the moisture of hair is! Curly hair is tough to manage and style and dri..
15 Sep Hair Weave Dyed Guide
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Have you ever tried dyeing hair weave with a box dye? Today, to color hair weave safely and efficiently, you should follow the step-by-step guide outlined below:Step 1: Detangle Kissy Hair Weave by co..
20 Nov What's The Difference of Brazilian, Peruvian, Malaysian and Indian Hair?
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At the moment the market is flooded with so many different types of hair, Brazilian, Peruvian, Malaysian, Indian...It’s very confusing and hard to know which is which. Many customers ask me the same q..
20 Nov Tips for Buying Quality Hair
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Don’t know the difference between standard and quality hair extensions? Then perhaps our tips for buying quality hair extensions will come in handy when purchasing your next set.Not only can you deter..
02 Aug Straight Hair VS Curly Hair
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Have you heard that women with straight hair want curly hair and vice-versa?Yes, we often hear. it is said that the grass is always greener on the other side. We always tend to love what we don't have..
02 Aug Lace Closure vs Lace Frontal
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We all know that lace closure and lace frontal can complete a weave, they are very useful in creating beautiful hairstyles. but do you know what is the difference between them? Today, we make you clea..
30 Jul Hair Production Process
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1. Raw material selecting (The raw materials for inspection, selection, classification)2. Hair bulk weighing (Ensure that the weight of the raw material meets the product requirements)3. Wefts making ..
30 Oct Get Curls Without Heat
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Are you always using hot styling to curl your hair? But do you know it's not the only way to achieve gorgeous curls? Kissy Hair shares other methods to help you to get hair curly without heat tools. J..
20 Nov What's the Difference of Non-remy, Remy and Virgin Hair?
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There are too many qualities in the hair market, but generally 3 types of main material: Non-Remy, Remy and VirginNon-Remy: Roots and Tips up upside down, cuticles been removedAlso called “fallen hair..
30 Sep What's The Difference Between Single Drawn and Double Drawn?
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If you've got been wearing human hair extensions, you should be familiar with the words "single drawn hair" and "double drawn hair" that are particular for human hair bundles. But do you know what is ..
02 Oct What is Funmi Hair?
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Actually, the name Funmi belongs to an ingenious woman, who has long years of experience in hairstyling in Nigeria and the UK. She developed this brand and promoted it to the high luxury hair market.F..
23 Oct Truth About Mink Hair
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1. What Is Mink Hair?According to Wikipedia, mink are kind of cute & little fuzzy animals.Real mink fur is animal hair, it's soft, shiny, smooth and it's short. It's a good material for making eyelash..
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