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The longer the length is, the more hair wefts are needed.

Here is a general guide for average head size:

6-10inch 130-150g hair, 12-18inch 200-250gram hair, 20-26inch 250-300gram hair, 26-30inch 300-350gram hair.

It depends on the hair quality and use of care. (Straight Hair>Wavy Hair>Curly Hair )

NON-REMY: last 3-6 months with proper care, 

REMY: 1-2 years with proper care, 

VIRGIN: 2-3 years with proper care.

Virgin hair could be dyed and iron-flat but iron-flat pls don't exceed 220°C (428℉), or the hair will be destroyed.

Also, the hair will come back to its natural wavy after you wash it or iron-flat.

To be honest, not all the hair comes from the relative country. It is just a trend name, but the touch feeling, and appearance are like such hair.

The suppliers usually post different stickers just as customers asked, it's quite flexible.

What's the so-called origin not important, WHAT MATTERS IS THE MATERIAL QUALITY NON-REMY, REMY, or VIRGIN.

Human Hair (Non-Remy): Quick change hair, 80% of hair in Aliexpress/Amazon/eBay are such hair( they usually claim it Remy/ Virgin hair themself )

Affordable price. Acid bath, cuticles removed, soft & silky, tangle-free. 

Acid Remy Hair (60%-85% Remy): 10-15% hair in Aliexpress/Amazon/eBay

Slightly acid bath,50-60% cuticles left, tangle-free, good quality with affordable price.

Virgin Remy Hair (95%-99% Remy): Affordable virgin hair, best-selling products for wholesalers

Cuticles aligned and in the same direction, bouncy & healthy, longer-lasting.

Raw Virgin Hair: Best material in this world

Each bundle from one single donor, without being chemically processed, can be restyled and colored repeatedly, longest lasting.

There is no unified standard in the hair industry. Different suppliers have different grade names. The same hair is called 5A in one company, it might be called 10A in another.


We only sell pure Human Hair, high-quality Remy Hair, and top-quality Raw Virgin Hair.

The body wave style is steam processed(finalize the design by high temperature) and will turn to natural straight after wash, you can do different styles with curl iron.

To keep the beautiful pattern, we wash the hair with special Marcel water as a deep conditioning treatment, it would make the hair last a long time and become more and more soft, moisturized, and shiny.

Washing the hair before installing it, several times later, the smell will disappear.


Bronner's peppermint soap worked the best to get the smell mostly out after trying like 3 other things.

Any other problems, please feel free to contact us.

Firstly, blond hair needs better and purer material, otherwise, the color after bleached will be variegated. Secondly, the same 100-gram hair, after bleaching blond color might have only 80 grams left. Overall, blond hair's production costs more than others.

Air Freight Express:

$10-20/kg with custom clearance

DHL/ FedEx Express:

$40+$10, the first 0.5kg is $40, the continue is $10.

0-0.45kg: $40, 0.5kg-0.95kg: $50, 1kg-1.45kg: $60...

5-15 Working days by Freight Express Agent

7-12 Working days by DHL/FedEx Express

We accept PayPal, Western Union, MoneyGram, and Bank Transfer.

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