Are you always using hot styling to curl your hair? But do you know it's not the only way to achieve gorgeous curls? Kissy Hair shares other methods to help you to get hair curly without heat tools. Just save your hair and keep it as healthy as possible.

Get curls by braid your hair

Braiding your hair is a great option to create a natural wavy. Putting your hair into a simple loose braid and leave it overnight. Be sure the end of the braid as close to the end of your hair as possible. Then all you have to do the next morning is to unbraid your hair and then style it in the way you want. If you want the hair hold better, use natural hairspray to keep the wave shape. A braid is really saving much time every morning and protect your hair from heat damage. It does worth to try.?

Get curls by using Velcro Rollers

You can use Velcro Rollers to get Beautiful curls. Depend on the size of them, you can achieve different curls. For example, large rollers will give you less curl, while small rollers will give you lots of curls. When using any type of hair roller, you should wrap your hair smoothly and tightly around the roller and always allow the rollers to cool completely before removing them. This will help you to create good curls.

Get curls by using a headband

When your hair is dry, put the headband on your head, like a hippy style. And wrap your hair in pieces around the headband, then Leave as long as you have. If you have bangs, place it under your bangs. Don't use a headband that is too tight, you won’t feel comfortable all night. so try to use an elastic headband. Hairspray is optional, but it will give your curls longevity. Once you remove the headband, You will love the results when you wake up in the morning.

You can style your hair with heatless options like braids and headband while you sleep. You'll get perfect curls and waves overnight. Next time, when your friends ask how to get curls so beautiful and healthy, you could tell them with these heatless options.