If you've got been wearing human hair extensions, you should be familiar with the words "single drawn hair" and "double drawn hair" that are particular for human hair bundles. 

But do you know what is the future of single drawn and double drawn hair?

Single Drawn Hair

a. The single drawn weft emulates the real hair we have. It is standard fullness towards the ends.

b. A single drawn hair is the most common hair type because processes and cost can be less involved.

Double Drawn Hair

a. Double drawn hair is full from top to bottom, the majority of short hair been removed & replaced with longer hair. (At least 70% of the hair are the posted length on the bundles)

b. Though you will pay more for double drawn hair, the quality, volume, and duration that the hair lasts you will far exceed single drawn hair extensions.

Difference Between Single Drawn and Double Drawn

As it is known, the fuller and longer hair, the easier to get tangled and more difficult to manage.

Kissy Hair Double Drawn selected superior quality virgin hair to achieve the bouncy and glossy result.