1. What Is Mink Hair?

According to Wikipedia, mink are kind of cute & little fuzzy animals.

Real mink fur is animal hair, it's soft, shiny, smooth and it's short. It's a good material for making eyelashes, but not for hair extensions.

Mink hair has usually been used to describe soft, shinning, and volume hair. For example, some hair companies will say that their mink hair is "fuller," "more softness", "more durable", "more silkiness”

Technically, hair vendors could call any hair they sell “Mink Hair,” It’s just a description that hair vendors are using to entice customers to buy.

Therefore, mink Hair is just a clever marketing tactic.

2. Is Mink Hair Good?

Different hair vendors use different terms to market their hair extensions. Currently, there is not a “Universal Standard” for mink hair extension.

In fact, it will be different when compared to hair products with the same name from two companies. Some hair companies could call their hair extensions “Mink Hair” despite being smelly, crappy, tangling, Non-Remy hair.

So, the questions you should ask are other quality variables(material origin, process, hair ends fullness, bleach ability) when you plan to buy hair.

3. What's The Difference Between Mink and Virgin Hair?

To be honest, there is no comparability. Why?

What one hair company considers their mink hair extensions could be volume remy hair. And what another hair company considers their mink hair weave could be raw virgin hair.

Therefore, there is no absolute answer.

You should do your best to become an educated consumer and intelligent so you can easily detect bad hair a lot and find good hair mink.

So, you can’t ensure the quality of hair only through the specific term’s name.