Don’t know the difference between standard and quality hair extensions? Then perhaps our tips for buying quality hair extensions will come in handy when purchasing your next set.

Not only can you determine the quality of hair extensions just by looking at them (the color should be the same and they should resemble natural hair), you can also check by the way they’ve been made. Read on for our tips for buying quality hair extensions to find out how.


Our first tip for buying quality hair extensions is to choose the type of hair extensions carefully. Hair extensions come in a variety of different hair types which range in different shades, lengths, and quality, but how do you know which hair type is the best? Look out for virgin human hair extensions as these are classed as the highest quality of hair in the industry. This is because the hair is naturally sourced and the cuticles all face the same direction for natural-looking hair extensions. These can also be styled and treated in the same way as you would with your own growing hair. Meanwhile, synthetic hair extensions aren't heat friendly and already have a silicone coating on them, which eventually will fade away and remove the shine from the extensions, too.


Another great tip for buying quality hair extensions is to check the quality of the wefts. Each weft should be professionally sewn to a high standard and there should be no strands sticking out of the sides.


When buying quality hair extensions, you will find that the best hair extensions won't shed, even after copious amounts of styling. To test the quality of your hair extensions and to determine whether they shed or not, run your fingers through the extensions. Your fingers should glide through easily without shedding a lot of hair but only a few strands, if that.


Not only shouldn’t your hair extensions shed, but they should also be the same thickness from top to bottom, too. Before buying quality hair extensions, hold a weft up to the light to check whether there are any gaps in between the hair. If the weft has plenty of gaps or is thicker at the top than the bottom, then it is likely that these aren’t the highest quality of hair extensions on the market.


Good quality hair extensions will all be the same length. For example, if you’ve purchased extensions in the length 20-22", then each weft should measure this length.