There are too many qualities in the hair market, but generally 3 types of main material: Non-Remy, Remy and Virgin

Roots and Tips up upside down, cuticles been removed

Also called “fallen hair,” Non-Remy hair is the most popular and commonly available form of weaves. The roots and tips of hairs are in different directions and, as a result, tangling can be a problem. If you’re on a budget and looking for a short-term weave, Non-Remy hair is the way to go.

Blend hair, cuticles kept, roots and tips same direction

Remy hair is considered the top of the line in human hair because the cuticles are kept intact. Maintaining the hairs’ cuticles and aligning them in the same direction (from cuticle to root) creates the most natural look.

Cutting hair from one donor

Virgin air is hair that has not been chemically treated (colored, permed, etc.). Each bundle of material collected from one unique donor. It only by boiling water for cleaning, no chemical processed, cuticles are perfect.

Double Drawn:
From top to end same fullness

Double Drawn is a bundle of hair that is all in one length. There are no shorter lengths of hair present. It is a thicker and fuller look.

Split/Dry Ends:

Split Ends--For virgin NON-DYED & NON-ACID BATH hair. When the donator's hair is long enough, the lesser nutrition will reach to ends. So split ends are really normal, CAN'T be avoided, especially when hair is longer than 18''! ONLY processed and acid bath hair has no spilled ends at all! If u are picky, we do not recommend to purchase.

Dry Ends--Our hair will be a little dry after high-temperature steam processed, especially longer virgin hair. With the right products to condition and moisture treatment the hair, it will help a lot.